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April 13, 2014

The Sasquatch! Music Festival is coming up and that means I get to do a poster. This year I picked Phantogram. They have a song on their new album called Bill Murray, so I decided to use him for my poster. I had a blast drawing him. So here are two of my favorites, Phantogram and Bill Murray. These are up for sale at my store.



Sea Wolf Gigposter

April 11, 2013

I was invited once again to be part of the 2013 Sasquatch! Music Festival Poster Show. This is the poster I did for Sea Wolf. I will be printing these soon and have them up for sale at my store.


Stachequatch Shirt

September 20, 2012

Some people asked me to put my illustration of the Stachequatch on a shirt. So I did. I put it up on threadless and is up for vote now. If you want a shirt, make sure you go and vote “5” to get it printed. It’s really easy, you can sign in with Fecebook too. I would appreciate it, thanks!

Stachequatch! - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More

Steamroller Smackdown 2012

August 28, 2012

For this year’s SVC’s Wayzgoose & Steamroller Smackdown, the studio decided to continue our theme of mythical creatures. So I decided to do a Sasquatch. Initially, I did a rough sketch of a sasquatch, but I felt it needed something else, so after talking to a couple of friends, we came up with the Stachesquatch.
Here are some pics of the process and the event. We didn’t win this year, (there were some amazing posters out there) but I’m sure next year we will take our title back!

Sasquatch! 2012

April 27, 2012

Here’s my design for this year’s Sasquatch! Music Festival. I got to do this for Beats Antique, a super original band from California that combines music and performance art.

The band often performs with masks and costumes, I was inspired by this Japanese mask in particular.

Hope you like it. Ill post some more pics when the poster is printed.


Of Montreal Sasquatch! 09 Poster

May 6, 2009

So finally I made the poster. I had a rough idea of what I wanted to do, I knew I wanted a Sasquatch, but I didn’t know how to relate it to Of Montreal. I made a few sketches, but I wasn’t happy with it. Here’s one example, I like the composition and the type, but it doesn’t have any references to the band.


Of Montreal Sketch

Of Montreal Sketch 1


So later on I thought it would be cool to make a reference to the actual Montreal, even though the band is from Georgia. So I drew Sasquatch with a Hockey Jersey. I liked the drawing but the composition wasn’t working on the poster format. 


Of Montreal Sketch

Of Montreal Sketch 2


Finally I came up with another sketch, this time I think works with the poster format and also touches on my hockey concept. Here is the sketch.


Of Montreal sketch 3

Of Montreal Sketch 3

 And here is the final version with color. Just two colors, it’s easier and I think it works well with the illo. I added some maple leaves in the back, just to give it more balance, although I like white space, it was just too much. So here it is. 


Final Of Montreal Poster

Final Of Montreal Poster



As soon as I find my camera, I will post some pictures of the printing, which has been a pain. Bye for now.

ps. I realized that I put the 29th instead of 24th just in time and corrected the file just before burning the screen! pheew! so the final posters will be fine.

Big Foot

May 22, 2008

I did this illo for a project about family and friendship, coming together for the holidays, etc. the project got killed but I kinda liked the image so here it is. I haven’t posted in a long time,  between work and some freelance projects, it’s been a little busy. I also posted this at Sugar Frosted Goodness, cool website, check it out! Now!

Big Fot

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