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Taller en Vida

May 23, 2011

I’m going to Mexico to see my family for a few days. While I’m there, I’m gonna have the chance to print some posters with Print Master Arturo Negrete of 75º.
I’m super excited since this is my first time producing something in my Mexico City since I left. I will be producing (hopefully) two prints and I will be printing live along with Artutro at his shop on Saturday June 4th. It should be fun.
I will be posting some pictures of the event as well as the posters. In the meantime, here is the flyer I made.

Taller en Vida - Victor Melendez


Pío Pío

March 27, 2011

Here is a smal illo I pulled from my sketchbook. I used some watercolor and my favorite pen, the Faber-Castell PITT artist pen.
I put some more pages from my sketchbook over at my website. I love looking at other people’s sketchbooks, so I decided to put up some of my own.

Pío Pío


November 29, 2010

I was invited to Artsprojekt a while back but I didn’t have time to do anything with it. Finally after a few months I created some iPhone cases, just in time for the holidays!
Here is the link, make sure you get yours!

Steamroller Smackdown!

September 7, 2010

I love making posters. And when I got the opportunity to design a GIANT poster I couldn’t let it pass. Every year the SVC here in Seattle has its Wayzgoose letter press and Steamroller Smackdown, where a bunch of agencies and design studios around town participate.

This year the Design Studio decided to go with my idea, so in collaboration with my buddy Jeff Wilkson, I designed this year’s poster. A lot of friends from the studio came to help us carve the huge piece of linoleum and we got it done in just a few hours.

It was very fun to carve, but the printing was definitely the highlight, not just for us but for the audience. We decided to go full-on with the Japanese theme and the whole team got headbands a-la Daniel San.

I believe we impressed the judges as well, because our poster WON the Smackdown! Here are some pics of the process, carving, printing, playing, etc.

Mexico Chiapas Blend

February 2, 2010

Here’s a stamp I created for the new seasonal coffee being sold in Starbucks right now. This one went pretty smooth, the client was really happy with the result. When they mentioned the coffee was going to be from Chiapas I immediately thought of doing a jaguar. Jaguars are native to Chiapas. When I first started sketching, I went to a more realistic style, but after looking at some wood masks and fabrics,  I decided to go for a more handcrafted look. I like the way the illustration turned out.

A la Muerte con una sonrisa

January 2, 2010

Back in October the Mexican Museum of Design (MUMEDI) put out a call to artists. The name of the project was “To Death with a smile” and it was sponsored by Adobe. I made 3 posters, but none were selected to be finalists. I went to the exhibit this past December and saw some good posters, but I also saw (like my friend Toki says) a gaggle of stinkers. Anyways, here are mine, the first two are just ok, I like the last one myself. I’m also showing you some of the initial sketches. The last one says “Guendaguti” which is Zapoteco(my grandparents’ native dialect from Oaxaca) for “death”.

Calaca painting

November 24, 2009

I painted a few pieces for this year’s Día de Muertos exhibit at Tether. I am not that good with the painting, but I have fun. I think I’m getting better though. Here are a couple:




Here’s one I did last year but I  never posted. I think it turned out ok. A good friend bought it by the way.






Of Montreal Sasquatch! 09 Poster

May 6, 2009

So finally I made the poster. I had a rough idea of what I wanted to do, I knew I wanted a Sasquatch, but I didn’t know how to relate it to Of Montreal. I made a few sketches, but I wasn’t happy with it. Here’s one example, I like the composition and the type, but it doesn’t have any references to the band.


Of Montreal Sketch

Of Montreal Sketch 1


So later on I thought it would be cool to make a reference to the actual Montreal, even though the band is from Georgia. So I drew Sasquatch with a Hockey Jersey. I liked the drawing but the composition wasn’t working on the poster format. 


Of Montreal Sketch

Of Montreal Sketch 2


Finally I came up with another sketch, this time I think works with the poster format and also touches on my hockey concept. Here is the sketch.


Of Montreal sketch 3

Of Montreal Sketch 3

 And here is the final version with color. Just two colors, it’s easier and I think it works well with the illo. I added some maple leaves in the back, just to give it more balance, although I like white space, it was just too much. So here it is. 


Final Of Montreal Poster

Final Of Montreal Poster



As soon as I find my camera, I will post some pictures of the printing, which has been a pain. Bye for now.

ps. I realized that I put the 29th instead of 24th just in time and corrected the file just before burning the screen! pheew! so the final posters will be fine.

Sasquatch 09

March 29, 2009

I’ve been designing posters for the Sasquatch! Music Festival for the past few years. I didn’t do it last year, I didn’t even go, but this year I got the invite to design a poster again. I got Of Montreal. I have a few of their albums on my ipod, I like them, I think it will be fun. So far I have no idea what I’ll come up with, but as soon as I do, I will post some sketches or something here. I’m still undecided on the printing, I’ve been printing all my posters myself, I enjoy it, but it is hard when you have to burn, reclaim, print, etc. yourself. We’ll see.

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