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September 5, 2007

This is my contribution to Illustration Friday. The topic for this week is Alphabets. One of the letters in the Spanish alphabet besides the “Ñ” that is not in the English one is the “Ch”. It also happens to be one of my favorite letters. I just love the sound of it, some of my favorite words with Ch are: chido, chingón, chucherías, chafa, churro, cháchara and I can go on and on and on… and of course Chango!Chango



August 28, 2007

Here is the second illustration for Illustration Friday. The theme for this week is “visitors”. When I think of visitors I think of a kid coming home late and sneaking in without being noticed. Even the cat doesn’t know him anymore.Visitantes


August 27, 2007

Here is my first post, it’s an illustration I did based on Illustration Friday’s last week’s topic: Captain.


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