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Dime Jaguar

June 28, 2012

I’ve been busy this past few weeks. This is a poster I did for a project called Ilustrando Para in Monterrey, Mexico. It is a yearly show that features illustrators, designers and visual artists paying tribute to iconic musicians by interpreting their songs in the form of an illustration. This year, the band chosen was Caifanes, one of the most important bands from Mexico, and one of my favorites as well. This year’s show is called Haremos Historia(We’ll make History) after one of the band’s songs.

On top of being a cool show, Haremos Historia, Ilustrando Para Caifanes will donate the proceeds of the poster sales to a charity that treats children with autism.

The song I got was Dime Jaguar (Tell Me Jaguar) which is not technically a Caifanes song, but a Jaguares one. Jaguares is a band that formed after Caifanes broke up back in the 90’s featuring some of the members of Caifanes.

Dime Jaguar








Here is my initial sketch. As you can see, the idea is basically the same, but the execution changed quite a bit. I like the sketch too, but I decided to go a little bigger on the waves and add more detail to the Jaguar.

Dime Jaguar Sketch



June 24, 2012

I designed this poster to support the #YoSoy132 movement in Mexico. The idea is that people will use it as they please. It is free to use. Many posters have been popping up around the country, so I decided to make one too. You can check out some here, my friend Emiliano has some in there too, his poster was one of the firsts if not the first poster in support of the movement.

If you want to download a Hi-Res version of the poster, you can do so here.


Diseñé un cartel para el movimiento #YoSoy32. Espero que les guste y que se use. Es gratis.

Si desean bajar una versión en alta resolución, se puede hacer aquí.

Start The Fire 

Type Sketch

AIGA Seattle

June 23, 2012

This year the AIGA Seattle is celebrating its 25th year anniversary. To celebrate, AIGA threw a party, along with an exhibition called The Future of Design. I designed a poster for the event. My poster is based on the idea that no matter when, the main idea of a design, it will always start with a simple sketch.

It All Starts With A Sketch

And Here is the sketch of the sketch poster.

It all started like this.

In addition, I invited my good friend Emiliano Molina to be part of the project. He has been a good friend of mine for years and he is also an excellent industrial/graphic designer. Check out his poster.

My poster right next to Emiliano’s.

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