Steamroller Smackdown!

I love making posters. And when I got the opportunity to design a GIANT poster I couldn’t let it pass. Every year the SVC here in Seattle has its Wayzgoose letter press and Steamroller Smackdown, where a bunch of agencies and design studios around town participate.

This year the Design Studio decided to go with my idea, so in collaboration with my buddy Jeff Wilkson, I designed this year’s poster. A lot of friends from the studio came to help us carve the huge piece of linoleum and we got it done in just a few hours.

It was very fun to carve, but the printing was definitely the highlight, not just for us but for the audience. We decided to go full-on with the Japanese theme and the whole team got headbands a-la Daniel San.

I believe we impressed the judges as well, because our poster WON the Smackdown! Here are some pics of the process, carving, printing, playing, etc.


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5 Responses to “Steamroller Smackdown!”

  1. Communication Arts « Victor Melendez Says:

    […]  The Godzilla poster is featured in the Design Annual edition of Communication Arts. I am so stoked. Go ahead and […]

  2. luke Says:

    great piece. could you translate the text? otherwise the mystery would haunt my kitchen for years. thanks

  3. panfriedpixels Says:

    Great looking print.

    Likely too late to the game, but is this available to purchase?

  4. Adam Says:

    I would love to buy a version if you still have one laying around. I would pay a reasonable increase in price for compensation.

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