Of Montreal Sasquatch! 09 Poster

So finally I made the poster. I had a rough idea of what I wanted to do, I knew I wanted a Sasquatch, but I didn’t know how to relate it to Of Montreal. I made a few sketches, but I wasn’t happy with it. Here’s one example, I like the composition and the type, but it doesn’t have any references to the band.


Of Montreal Sketch

Of Montreal Sketch 1


So later on I thought it would be cool to make a reference to the actual Montreal, even though the band is from Georgia. So I drew Sasquatch with a Hockey Jersey. I liked the drawing but the composition wasn’t working on the poster format. 


Of Montreal Sketch

Of Montreal Sketch 2


Finally I came up with another sketch, this time I think works with the poster format and also touches on my hockey concept. Here is the sketch.


Of Montreal sketch 3

Of Montreal Sketch 3

 And here is the final version with color. Just two colors, it’s easier and I think it works well with the illo. I added some maple leaves in the back, just to give it more balance, although I like white space, it was just too much. So here it is. 


Final Of Montreal Poster

Final Of Montreal Poster



As soon as I find my camera, I will post some pictures of the printing, which has been a pain. Bye for now.

ps. I realized that I put the 29th instead of 24th just in time and corrected the file just before burning the screen! pheew! so the final posters will be fine.


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5 Responses to “Of Montreal Sasquatch! 09 Poster”

  1. bebegunner Says:

    I like your work. You are very talented even though you can be a big weird jerk.
    I want a poster. I will make you a pie if I can have a poster.

  2. guess Says:

    me likey

  3. grubedoo Says:

    Dig the poster except the maple leaves. It would be much stronger if the leaves were hand done. The straight edges fight with the SWEET illo.

  4. Mr Kone Says:

    saludos, hace rato que no veía tus cosas, veo que has dejado de postear…. sigue trabajando tienes mucho talento…

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