Cooper sketch

Here is a little sketch I did a few weeks ago. This is my pit Cooper.


Cooper is such a good fella.

Cooper is such a good fella.


2 Responses to “Cooper sketch”

  1. Suzanne Says:

    Hi Victor, nice doggie! I just started my blog. I like yours. I’ll link it to my page! How’s work going?

  2. Foxy Diamond Says:

    Hey Victor! I just met your friend & teacher (?) Cindy!!! I bought a chair from her that I had found on craigs list when I went to pick it up I was admiring the art collection she has and fell in love with some of your work! And coincesidense is I work at Starbucks a n d I LOVE Mexico I was just in QR on Isla Mujeres where I have a friend who has a dog rescue on Isla! I brought about 8 pounds of our Chiapas coffee with me!!! Where can I find your work? I am v e r y interested in a painting like the Santísima that I believe I saw at Cindy’s!! I am hoping your work is afforable I would be honored to have a piece of your brillent work! I see we may have something else in common Stanley Hainsworth?? He is my friend I LOVE him!!! Please email me ok? I also have dogs, Talula & Matilda! Cooper is a cutey!!

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