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Dr. Alderete

October 25, 2008

So the day I picked up my Zoveck toy, I also picked up the great book “Yo soy un Don Nadie” by the great Dr. Alderete. If you don’t know Alderete’s work, man you are missing out, check out some of his poster work and be amazed.

I asked Jorge to sign me a copy and to my surprise he not only signed it, but he drew a cool skull on it! Check it out!


Cover of the book

Cover of the book


Close up

How cool is this dude?


Zoveck Toys

October 22, 2008

Today was super exciting, I went to Tether to pick up some things that we ordered for the “Dia de Muertos” show. And I got a very pleasant surprise, my buddy “El Valiente” sent me the coolest present:

El Valiente recently launched a ver cool toy from Ledy Ledy, the first vinyl toy company in Mexico. The figure is called Zulema Zelena, a siamese trapeze artist from the circus, it doesn’t get any better than that!

By the way, a very thorough process was posted in the Ledy Ledy website, it shows how the figure was created, from concept to final box layout, logo sketches, etc. Great great work overall.

Here is my collection of Zoveck toys, with the newest addition Zulema Zelena:


Zopilote Ramirez Surf, Zopilote Ramirez, San-to, San-to V.2, Zulema Zelena

From L to R: Zopilote Ramírez Surf, Zopilote Ramírez, San-to, San-to V.2, Zulema Zelena

Zopilote Ramirez Surf and Zopilote Ramirez

Zopilote Ramírez Surf and Zopilote Ramírez

San-to and San-to V.2.

San-to and San-to V.2.

Zulema and Zelena, the siamese trapeze artists! (or artist?)

Zulema and Zelena, the siamese trapeze artists!(or artist?)


October 20, 2008

I finally finished a project a few weeks ago for Pambiche, a Cuban restaurant in Portland. Pambiche is a great place with great food. They have the best food in town and the most original yummiest made-from-scratch cakes. Here is a poster I made for the Postres(desserts). Some of the cakes are inspired by birds, they are so cool. The birds form the poster are actually John’s birds, he is the owner and head chef.

Anyways, I had a great time and I think they turned out ok.


Pambiche's Postres


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