This is my contribution to Illustration Friday. The topic for this week is Alphabets. One of the letters in the Spanish alphabet besides the “Ñ” that is not in the English one is the “Ch”. It also happens to be one of my favorite letters. I just love the sound of it, some of my favorite words with Ch are: chido, chingón, chucherías, chafa, churro, cháchara and I can go on and on and on… and of course Chango!Chango


5 Responses to “Ch”

  1. Paul Bommer Says:

    So excellent

    There’s LL too
    but Ch is more Mexican somehow

    I’m well impressed by the foto of you ‘flying’

  2. garth Says:

    That’s just cool. Bright colors and bold lines, nice!

  3. cata Says:

    Ah! la maravillosa Egne! que por cierto no tengo en mi PC!!!
    Chevere tu dibujo!

  4. Elin Says:

    love it

  5. zari Says:

    la idea esta fina!…y a ilustracion esta genial…me gusta mucho el efecto de la textura + color….

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